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  • A great party planning solution as a add on for those special events.
  • A fun and colourful way to add to congratulations to somebody with this special product. Or Make everybody smile and make your party an occasion to remember
  • Easy party planning solution

A mega value pack of favours and toys perfect your child's birthday party bags!
This 48 piece Shimmer & Shine pack contains:
8x Bracelets
8x Hairbrushes
8x Flutes
8x Maze puzzles
8x Bookmarks
8x Rings
Avengers Mega Mix Favour Pack Save 24%
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  • This set includes 5 large plates and 5 small plates
  • Large plates are available in purple, blue, yellow, red and green colour
  • Come with small bag
  • Large plate measures 35 cm and small plate measures 8 cm in diameter
  • Good for children under 3 years

This set comprises of 10 textured circular disks made from ultra-soft flexible silicon - 5 large and 5 small. On the surface of each circle is a pattern which is distinctive and different from the rest of the set. Children can feel these textures and discover their differences. Placing the small circles into the feely bag provided they can see if they can describe or predict the pattern they are feeling. Using their feet they can walk over the large sensory circles to see if they can tell them apart. Linking the small and the large sensory circles via touch is great fun too with or without a blindfold. Silicon has some great properties which makes it the ideal material for sensory circles - it is strong, safe to handle and ultra-soft to the touch. On the floor, the circles will grip and not slip even on a shiny surface and after use they can be washed by hand or popped into a dishwasher set on a high temperature to clean them thoroughly without harm. Covers the following areas of the EYFS & KS1 National Curriculum EYFS Personal, Social & Emotional Development : Self- confidence & self-awareness EYFS Physical Development : Moving & handling EYFS Understanding the World : The World EYFS Expressive Arts & Design: Exploring & using media & materials KS1 Personal & Social Development KS1 Science Supports quality provision using ITERS and ECERS ITERS-R: 15. Activities: Fine motor ITERS-R: 16. Active: Physical play ITERS-R: 22. Activities: Nature/ Science ECERS-R/E: Language & Reasoning, Activities, Science & Environment, Provisions for children with disabilities, Diversity. Specification Size: Dia.350mm & 80mm. Suitable for children from 3+
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Regala a todos los invitados a la fiesta de tu hijo estos laberintos alusivos al personaje de sus sueños. Has una carrera a ver quién consigue poner la bolita en el punto final del laberinto, y por qué no, ¡ofrécele un regalo al campeón! Se lo pasarán genial. Ideales para complementar las bolsas de chuches o como relleno de piñata.
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  • Must-have: No party is complete without these glow sticks! Ideal for birthdays, concerts or festivals
  • Different colours: 4 different colour variations - Blue, green, red-orange and purple-pink
  • Easy to use: Simply crack the glow stick in the middle and shake it briefly - Non-toxic and suitable for children (under supervision)
  • Light and flexible: Can be used as bracelets and other jewellery with the connectors - Many decoration possibilities
  • Long-lasting light: Intense luminosity for more than 3 hours - Will last through long parties

These flexible glow sticks are the ideal accessory for any birthday party, festival or Halloween. The easy-to-use neon bracelets are especially popular at children's birthday parties. Simply crack the glow stick in the middle and shake it briefly and the bright colours will be visible in the tube. The included connector pieces allow the glow sticks to be used as bracelets or necklaces.

The glowsticks are non-toxic and thus suitable for children. They should always be used under adult supervision.

Warning: The inner liquid can permanently stain furniture and garments. The glow sticks should not be exposed to direct solar radiation or temperatures over 60°C. Under these conditions the glow sticks can be stored for up to 1 year.

Details on the Glow Sticks
• Length: approx 20 cm
• Diameter: approx 0.5 cm
• Material: PVC (tubes)
• 4 different colours
• Includes connectors
• Diameter of a small bracelet: approx 6 cm

100 Pack of Party Lights
• For birthdays, festivals, raves, Halloween, etc.
• 6 colour variations: Red-Orange, Blue, Green and Pink-Purple
• Easy to use: Bend in the middle and shake
• Lasts up to 3 hours
• For unforgettable children's birthdays

Included in Delivery
• 100 glow sticks with connectors
• Decorative items shown in product photos are not included
Spider-Man Mega Mix Favour Pack Save 21%